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twitter-logo-1We started our Twitter account (@surgerysurveyor) nearly 12 months ago to the day and I thought I would review a few thoughts I have had from our experience on there.

I have made some really good contacts through Twitter: one or two that have generated fees which has been pleasantly surprising but mainly others who are also in this niche market of healthcare property  and trying to expand their reach as we are. I am hopeful that some of them may appear as guests on this blog in the next few months.

I have also been able to pick up on breaking news items with the changes to the NHS over the last 12 months and access documents that I would have been otherwise unable to get hold of prior to our sign up. This has been great not just for us but also for our clients too as we have been able to forewarn them of the changes that have occurred giving them time to react.

It has also given me an insight into other aspects of the healthcare industry that whilst not necessarily  focussed on property issues, have given me pause for thought about the wider issues affecting our clients. Clearly issues over GP contracts and the like have shown that GPs are under pressure and so it has enabled me to try to better direct our advice and understand the reasons behind the decisions that our clients are making.

Finally, in following a number of healthcare individuals, I have been reading a series of posts with the hashtag #TipsForNewDocs (try searching for it on Twitter, it’s interesting) which contains such gems as:

“One day and one patient at a time. Smile and keep asking questions!”


“Practice writing legibly. Poor handwriting can lead to mistakes”

There are plenty more and I could go on but it struck me that, firstly, these pointers could easily be transferred to the surveying profession and, secondly, with the new crop of graduates just about to enter the profession, we could do with our own hashtag #NewSurveyorTips, I’ll start us off with a couple:

“Answer the phone confidently and say your name. It creates a show of confidence to the caller.”

“Always keep good notes of conversations in your day book so you can refer back to them.”

And for those people starting their APC:

“Always keep your APC diary up to date. Can you remember what you did 3 months ago last Thursday?!”

Let’s see if anyone else has anything to contribute to the idea!

About Tom

Tom advises a range of clients on a day-to-day basis both in the commercial and healthcare property sectors. He specialises in rent reviews, dispute resolution and surgery valuations, with a particular specialism in pharmacy rental values. He's currently advising Local Medical Committees on how NHS changes will affect practices occupying NHS owned premises. When he's not at work, he's kept very busy by his three small boys!

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